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Toy & Game Business Mentoring

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Knowledge. Connections. Mentoring.

Thanks for visiting this site. I'm Steve Reece, and I have been working in the toy & games business for more than 20 years. My career highlights include working for major toy co Hasbro, managing iconic brands such as Monopoly, Play-Doh & Trivial Pursuit, setting up two $multi-million new business ventures and working on 2 toy & game brand portfolios which were sold for in excess of $150m. For the past decade I have run Kids Brand Insight & Toy Team Asia, Consultancy businesses serving toy & games companies across the world.

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How Can We Help?

Over the last decade, our services have helped hundreds of toy & games companies to get ahead. We set up Toy Biz Mentor to help people who are fairly new to the toy & game business get ahead. If you already have an established business with products and distribution, or if you are an experienced executive then this service is not for you (check out for our other services which may be able to help you instead!)


The Mentoring service has a structure and a process which we have tested & refined over time, focused on the needs of 'up and comers' in the Toy & Game business. Our Mentoring program is primarily aimed at the development needs of those with c. 0-5 years experience in the toy business. Underpinning the program format is customised and bespoke support and facilitation of the needs of our mentees - whatever questions, knowledge gaps or development areas our Mentees have we will aim to address. At the same time we find that fully 'freeform' Mentoring is not that effective. We therefore have a core curriculum covering all the key elements of the toy & game business.

if you'd like to discuss your own Toy & Game Biz mentoring needs, or those of people you manage, just head on over to the 'Contact' page & get in touch to start the ball rolling...

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