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To apply to enter the Toy & Game Biz Mentor program, just email Steve Reece directly: steve(@)

The Toy Biz Mentor program works with a limited number of up and coming toy & game business people to facilitate their deeper understanding of our industry & how it works, while also aiding their positive development. The program runs primarily as group mentoring program to minimise costs for our clients. Fully individual Mentoring is offered as detailed further below.

In practical terms, the Mentoring program works includes all of the following benefits:

- Weekly group calls consisting of part structured content program running through key areas of the toy business from selling to retail, export sales, marketing, licensing, manufacturing & other key elements.  The Weekly calls will also allow for time for Mentees to ask questions about each topic covered, as well as other areas of concern.

- The program also teaches Mentees how to manage their relationships with their line managers & company senior management, including templates for succinctly & effectively presenting to senior management.

- Career building advice & tips to aid the professional development of program participants.

- Bespoke insights on each Mentees product sectors and market positioning versus company competitors.

- Unique access to Steve's 11 year+ body of written & spoken work on the Toy & Game business including 500+ written articles about best practise, specific product categories & how to deal with challenges and opportunities in the toy & game biz.

The program is conducted entirely by Steve Reece, no substitute Mentors will feature on the program.


The Mentoring program is designed to run for a minimum of 3 months per session.


There are 2 levels of pricing for the Mentoring program:

1. Silver level - includes all the benefits listed above

2. Gold level - includes all of the Silver level features, PLUS unlimited personal ad hoc calls & bespoke mentoring with Steve as per client needs. 

SILVER LEVEL PRICING: £995 (GBP + VAT if applicable) per month

GOLD LEVEL PRICING: £1995 (GBP+VAT if applicable) per month

Please note, all fees are payable in advance at the start of each month of the program.


How confidential is the course?

We agree to keep all information & opinions shared on the Mentoring program completely confidential. We won't share anything discussed with your company or colleagues (unless you specifically ask us to!). In terms of commercial confidentiality, our program is intended to help multiple people at once to make it affordable for our clients. There may be people from other companies on the course, we therefore insist that business sensitive issues are not shared by our Mentees. Instead we will look at areas of the toy business & run through both our presentations of how things work & how to manage them better, along with ample time for Mentees to ask questions based on their own level of understanding.


What happens if I start the Mentoring program but then realise it is not for me?

That's no problem, if you decide the program is not for you, you can cancel at no cost. In that circumstance, we just request that you let us know why you want to leave the program & confirm if you feel anything is missing from our program so we can improve it for future Mentees.

How is payment made for the Mentoring program?

We can accept payment by Bank transfer or via Paypal.

Can we run courses for multiple people from one organisation?

YES - we can run the Mentoring program for individual organisations based on a minimum of THREE participants for 3 months.

When Does The Mentoring Program Run?

Because Steve runs each program in entirety himself, there is only one program running at any time around his other commitments to clients, trade show attendances etc. We have a waiting list for the program, so if you want to register your interest, please email Steve directly: steve(a)

I want to work with Steve, but not on this Mentoring program, do you offer other Services?

YES - please click this link for full details of our other services: 


If you have questions about the Toy & Game Biz Mentor program, or if you want to apply for entry  just email Steve Reece directly: steve(@)

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